10 facts about me... (tagged by rian)
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
hmmm... uhoh... now i have to post 10 facts about me, thanks to arianne... here goes nothing..


1. blue can write backwards, like mirrored handwriting. i can, i swear.. hehe.. a scan of the mirror sample is attached, as well as a picture of me holding it.. :D

2. blue is a gm addict. gm means group messaging. i sms song lyrics to everyone in my phonebook at an average of 3 a per day, which is kind of annoying to others..

3. the reason for my codename is simple; it is my favorite color. (hehehehehe... )

4. i'm a huge, huge fan of matchbox twenty. as in huge. you could try asking me a question if you'd like.. :D

5. before i sleep, i have to "dust off" stuff from the bed, the pillows, and the blanket. then i must turn on the lampshade and the electric fan. i'll switch off the light, lock the door, rub stuff off my feet, put alcohol on my hands and cellphone and then i could sleep.

6. i'm basically a nocturnal person... not so active by day, hyperactive by night. recently though, i've been sleeping way earlier than normal. my sleep times now are between 10 and 12.. before, they were between 2 and 4...

7. coffee makes me sleepy. strange as it may sound, it is true. and i found out i'm not the only one, so i'm not abnormal!!!

8. rain makes me happy. i don't know why... it must have something to do with memories or something..

9. i am fascinated by the history channel....

10. i love helping out... even if it means i'll get scolded.

there you go... 10 things.. hihi...

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