10 things that made me happy... (tagged by mario)
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Ten things that made me happy recently:
  1. life (i'm happy enough to be alive.. hihi)
  2. messages on my phone when i woke up (at least someone "remembered" me, even if they were all group messages.. hehe)
  3. getting to go out this monday (i'm usually trapped in the house.. )
  4. accomplishing what we had to do yesterday (i finally have the medical certificate i need to register on may 8)
  5. i found something i lost underneath all the garbage in my room (i was forced to clean.. so when i found it.. hehe)
  6. i know i could go out on friday (woo yeah... chance!)
  7. my friends na batchmates ko (because they still treat me as their friend even if i haven't been quite as close to them... )
  8. my friends na graduating na (because they treat me as a friend, plain and simple.. )
  9. my teachers na friends ko na rin *i hope* (because they're there for me.. )
  10. the clan (my sister and my brother... )
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