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Saturday, March 22, 2008
i'm currently paying for all the slacking i've been doing this past week. ms penilla is probably still mad at me because i haven't given her the club's monthly reports and evaluation summary yet. i still have not done my page for the class scrapbook. there's still the matter of the investigatory project (which by the way is kinda crappy). i haven't been posting as frequently as i'd hoped either. hayy, how i wish summer would come sooner.

yes... slacker indeed.


today is easter sunday, the day in which christians celebrate jesus' rising from the dead. we had quite a simple week, albeit a tiring one. however, in comparison with last year's celebration, it wasn't as meaningful as it was. i can not elaborate just yet.


my conquest of the rubik's cube has become futile. the 1 minute mark is so near, yet so far. i got a new cube for renewed attempts at a break, but to no avail. this new cube is so fragile; it disassembles itself. i will conquer thee, 3 dimensional toy!!!


good luck to undergrads who are going to take their finals this week...

a different shade...


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