finally, it's finished!
Thursday, March 13, 2008
after more than a week of slightly boring days of staring at the screen, quite a number of ms. jenpen's checklists, rejected/unfinished articles, weird talks, and lousy poems, press work is over! now, all we have to wait for is the release of the product of our "slave labor", the Cor Unum. i can't wait to hear feedback.

people have asked about the release date. it was then that i felt that they still anticipated the moment they would get their hands on a copy. i do hope they appreciate it.

i wasn't able to attend my class' recollection; i went to the Cor Unum office and helped out instead. mr sarmiento (our CMO), said it was not a valid excuse even if i would go with another class because, "extracurricular activity lang yan, core activity ang binalewala mo." hmm, i'm not sure i even belong with my section anymore.

tomorrow would be my first official day at grad practice. i haven't attended a single one since practice started, though i could hear pretty much every song they sang; again, this was because of the paper. i did enjoy my stay at the office, and as far as i'm concerned, i wouldn't be missed.

i'm excited for the upcoming Clubfest, an event that showcases every organization's positive aspect. arianne, grace, and luzzy made a cool presentation for our org (haha, i haven't seen it yet but i do believe it is); can't wait.

hope i won't be so lost when i step back to reality a.k.a. grad practice.

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