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Friday, July 4, 2008
* this post was taken from my myspace blog. i do not remember what inspired me to write this, nor do i remember that i have written such a thing. this is the lone post in the aforementioned blog. ciao.


in today's "modern" times, it's common to have a lot of gadgets all over the place. a cellphone in hand, earphones plugged in an ipod, the other hand going crazy on a keyboard. ahh, the miracle of multitasking.

we often complain about bugs, viruses, little gizmo technological flaws... and we developed ways to fix them (virus scanners, firewalls, the occasional help from a technician).

amazing how simple these problems are solved. but having all these gadgets won't stop the world from turning. life goes on, and like these tech stuff, we encounter problems. sometimes, it's just not as simple as a screwdriver.

these wonders of technology shouldn't replace the friends and family that are supposed to be there to help us through. a video game won't help, not even the slightest bit. yes, they are good ways to get your mind of the problem, but simply ignoring it won't make it go away.

cherish the hand out to grab you when you're falling. you'll never know when the person who owns the hand tires of waiting to catch you and just walk away.

(what did i just say?)



wish i could remember how i came up with this.

any reactions?

a different shade...


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an attempt at an explanation
maybe there is no explanation as to why my posts are pointless. they are the concrete manifestations of my qualification as a sub-blogger.

maybe a new post will be up right before midterms... i don't know, can't predict the future.

apologies for this crappy post.

p.s. the following post(s) are posts from other blogs (semi-pointless rants i had, that i was shocked to encounter).

p.s.s. this is crappy because i feel crappy. regular sleep times have once again shifted to the 3-5 am period, which is why i'm always late for my english 12 *world lit* and chem 16 *gen chem* classes, and why i look drugged.

a different, albeit crappy, shade...

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