where do i go from here? my journey to the purgatory called college
Saturday, March 15, 2008
one of the things a junior's mind would be going through by the end of the school year is college. third year grades are regarded highly as they are the part of the daunting screening process in good universities. as a junior, i didn't hold grades in such esteem so that wasn't a big deal for me... i still don't. ;)

the real questions juniors ask are, "which course should i take," or "which school should i apply for?" obviously, many students will aim for the top universities -- university of the philippines, de la salle university, ateneo de manila university, and university of santo tomas. so did i. with the plethora of courses offered by each university, a student would go nuts trying to decide which one to take. luckily, ms castro and ms dimalanta, guidance counselors of the school, gave me suggestions as to what course i should pursue.

ms dimalanta told me that molecular biology and biotechnology was challenging, but my interest and aptitude in science would get me through. i later found out that it was probably the toughest course there is and was only offered in the university of the philippines - diliman campus, the campus with the highest cut-off score. still, it was my first choice in the UPCAT application form... teehee. (the daredevil in me filled up the form).

ms castro told me to take up chemical engineering. at first, i only wanted it because it sounded nice and it was related to chemistry, my favorite branch of science. however, when i learned it had something to do with creating things to harness their potentials, etc., i became just a little bit more interested. the fact that it was a five year course was a negative for me; i'm not a fan of schoolwork. thanks to everyone's motivation, it became my second choice.

those courses were only good for my first campus choice in the UPCAT application form as they weren't offered in all four universities.

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