from chemical engineering... to geology?
Monday, February 9, 2009
note: lightbulb moment ito.

taking up natural science to under dr. carlos primo david made me realize how much i liked earth sciences. i mean, i definitely enjoyed them back in high school... but this course renewed my enthusiasm for cells, fossils, rocks, faults, etc. this course made me want to say, "i got stinky, i got dirty... but see, i learned!"

it got me thinking. considering the amount of effort (or lack of it) i put in my studies this year (my FIRST year), i screwed up. big time. i started asking myself if i really wanted this. it's a wonderful path, no doubt. i liked chemistry back in high school; however, chemical engineering was only a fallback. what i ::thought:: i wanted was molecular biology and biotechnology, which was waaaaayy out of my reach.

it's not that it was against my will; my parents gave me free reign over my course choice. still, i only got that because i thought it would have been easy to shift to mbb... but when i got here, boy oh boy was it hard.

is this really what i wanted? would shifting to something i got interested in via a GE course be worth it, or would i be better off staying? is geology, for lack of a better term, my dream course? i wonder.

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