final descent
Sunday, December 21, 2008
i anticipated it, but it still blew me away. it looked as if the night sky was underneath us. lights twinkling, small as pinpricks. as i looked out the window of the ATR plane and as we neared the runway, i recognized the roads i saw on the map. it was amazing how much clearer the routes could be seen at night. it was a highly uneventful flight; this, by far, was the best part.

at the same time, however, i was scared. not of the landing... we've been through that more than a couple of times. i wasn't scared of getting lost; not yet (i don't have to go just yet). i was scared of how close i was.

i have a week. just a week. well, now i only have six days. i must try to get there. i've done this once before; the only difference is, it's not the same person. i got to know them at the same time, but still i feel this is much more scarier. i know where i would find this person, yet i don't know if i have the guts to. i need a friend to come with me.. i hope i could convince her.

then again maybe i won't go.




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